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What is a 5-Day Club?
For five consecutive days, one hour and a half each day, children gather to hear Bible stories, sing songs, learn Bible verses, listen to a missionary story, and hear the Gospel clearly presented. They also learn biblical principles, moral values, character qualities, respect for authority.

Where are 5-Day Clubs held?
Anywhere there are children. Daycares, apartment complexes, community centers, homes, churches, parks, even under a shade tree!

Who conducts these Clubs?
Any approved volunteer may lead a 5 Day Club, This is a great opportunity for students ages 15 through college age to get involved in ministry. 

How can I help?
You should contact your local CEF office for specifics but every location needs:

  • Host a club in your daycare, home, or other facility you have access to

  • Drive a ministry team to 5 Day Club locations

  • Help a teacher

  • Pray for a 5 Day Club

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