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Board/Committee Leadership

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Personal Commitment

  • Minimum of 3 years service;

  • Attend live or online CEF leadership training within the first year

  • Serve because they have specific skills and business expertise;

  • Come to all meetings and functions;

  • Give of their valuable time; (10-15 hours a month/more if retired)

  • Share their talents;

  • Set the example by giving financially;

  • People who will be a strategist; visionary, or idea person;

  • Not involve themselves in ministry details;

  • They are to evaluate and help solve problems;

  • They should be an ambassador for the ministry;

  • They must recruit their replacement when their term is up.


1) Potential committee members should possess the ability to :

  • Listen & analyze

  • Think clearly and creatively

  • Work well with people individually and in a group

2) Potential committee members should have a willingness to prepare for and attend board and committee meetings

  • Ask questions

  • Take responsibility and follow through on a given assignment

  • Contribute personal and financial resources in a generous way according to circumstances

  • Open doors in the community

3) Potential committee members should have a willingness to develop certain abilities if they do not already possess them

  • To cultivate and solicit funds

  • Cultivate and recruit board members and other volunteers

  • Read and understand financial statements

  • Learn more about the substantive program areas of your ministry.

4) Potential committee members shall possess honesty but sensitivity to and tolerance of differing views, including:

  • Have a friendly, responsive, and patient approach

  • Community-building skills

  • Personal integrity and a developed sense of values

  • A concern for your nonprofit’s development

  • A sense of humor

Major Responsibilities

Management: Help select and appoint staff, support and assess their
performance. Take legal responsibility for the ministry.

Mission: Keep the ministry focused on its mission; establish goals; and
approve long-ranged plans for reaching goals.

Relationship: Take the lead in establishing positive relations both inside
(staff) and the general public. This is done through fully understanding the
organization and promoting it with a passion.

Finance: Assume responsibility for financial well-being by assuring the
integrity of the financial management and by taking the lead in raising
funds necessary to fulfill the goals of the ministry.

Faithful service on one of three Sub-Committees

Financial Sub-Committee
Fund raising planning, budget development, cash flow analysis, purchasing, financial accountability; Legal financial accountability

Personnel Sub-Committee
Staff hiring; paid & volunteer development & support; Salary & benefit review; Conflict resolution; Recruiting development

Ministry Sub-Committee
Ministry planning & development; Public speaking; Prayer support and development; Mission accountability.

GA Local Board/Committee Overview and Application 

Obtain information regarding serving on a Local Committee. Get a brief history of the ministry, the organizational structure, leadership expectations and more in this informative handout. Click the download button below

NOTE: After application is completed
return to your Local Board Contact

Chapter Leadership

Contact your local chapter!

State Board Application

Contact CEF of GA for information regarding a State Board member role 

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