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Volunteer Training

The training of individuals multiplies your ministry to reach many more children with the Gospel in your area of the state. Through multiple church partnerships we are able to reach children all across Georgia together.






Basic Training Conferences(Adopt-A-School Conferences)

Required of all new team members; this is the first step for those who participate in a new Good News Club.

Advanced Training Conferences(Children's Ministry Conferences)

Aimed at further equipping you to be the best leader of children you can be; these advanced training classes include storytelling, counseling, high-octane games, and more.

Teaching Children Effectively 1 (TCE 1)

A 30 hour college credit course that will change the way you think about teaching kids! These methods have been proven over time to be the most effective way to present God's Word to the unchurched child who has no spiritual foundation. You will receive consistent and practical instruction that will revolutionize your ability to reach kids.

Teaching Children Effectively 2 (TCE 2)

A 30 hour college credit course that focuses on discipling the saved child. This course will give you the ability to present God's Word in a way that helps the child see it as a whole and not as many parts.

Instructor of Teachers 1 and 2 (IOT 1 & 2)

Prepares leaders to lead future leaders. This class is by invitation only and is a State-hosted course only.​​

Have you ever felt "ill-equipped" to do a job?

Did that ever prevent you from doing a job?

CEF of Georgia offers many opportunities for you to feel

equipped and to do the best job you can possibly do!

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